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Turkey has a number of stunning resorts in their Aegean coast. Altinkum is one such small resort town along the shores of the Aegean Sea. It is just 90 minutes away by car from Bodrum Airport. Altinkum has earned its name due to the golden sandy beaches. Altinkum means “golden sands”. The breathtaking golden beaches sandy sand, gently rising into the shimmering turquoise blue waters and the Aegean Sea is an amazing sight. Altinkum resort is home to three beaches. The main beach is full of umbrellas and sunbeds for taking a dip along the shoreline. Or you can go swimming in the beautiful, clear blue waters in the Aegean Sea. A variety of water sports are also available; children enjoy riding on pedal boats. There are enjoyable boat trips that take you around the bay and around the Castle. The second beach is home to many restaurants and bars with views of the ocean. Third beach a more private beach.

Apart from relaxing and swimming at the shore, there’s plenty of sight seeing you can do. There are many interesting ancient locations to explore close to Altinkum. Within ten minutes from the center of the resort are the Temple of Apollo where you will see Medusa’s famous head. Medusa which is covered with snakes and you will be astonished by the massiveness of the columns that are here.

To make a long day of it you should visit one of the seven wonders of the old world, the remains of Ephesus. It is a well-preserved classic city in the Mediterranean, and gives you a feeling of the way of life in Roman times. According to legend, the Virgin Mary, at the close of her life returned to Ephesus along with St. Paul. Additionally, St. John is said to have lived out the last years of his life in Ephesus and following his death, a memorial, called the Basilica of St. John was located over his grave.

There is a possibility of taking an outing on the boat to Samos. Greek island of Samos. Samos is located in the north-eastern part of the Aegean Sea. Tourists are amazed by the gorgeous mountainous scenery of Samos with the pristine beauty of nature as well as the history of the island. It’s a memorable experience.

Maybe you’ll take a walk around the beautiful Bafa Lake nearby; it has an amazing mountain backdrop. Visit the Didim Aqua Park, just away from Altinkum resort. The Aqua Park was constructed in 2004 and has become very well-known.

To unwind and entertain, there are a large selection of waterfront bars that stay open until after midnight Then the party mood changes to nightclubs. It can get lively in the high season when holiday spirit is fully in motion.

There are numerous excellent hotels within the Altinkum resort. They include the Didim Beach Resort, one of it, has its own golden sand beach , which is situated in one of the most beautiful bays on the Aegean coast. It has facilities to play games such as tables tennis, tennis basketball, etc. Also, there is a swimming spa, Turkish bath & sauna as well as fitness center. The hotel is also home to a club and shopping centre within the complex. The hotel is located at 90km away far from Bodrum Airport.

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