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Greetings, Adventurers! Who actually enjoys playing in the water? Everyone enjoys playing in the water, especially when they may experience exhilarating and adrenaline-inducing action, it appears for adventurers. In addition, Bali features surfing places in Uluwatu, trendy beach clubs in Seminyak, peaceful yoga studios in Ubud, and an exceptionally cool river that is encircled by thick vegetation.
And the ideal adventure activity is provided by these rivers:

Bali Water Water Rafting

Nothing compares to spending some time in the great outdoors, surrounded by gushing waterfalls, boundless rice fields, and towering coconut palms, while Bali water rafting. Go to the Telaga Waja River in the eastern side of the island if you want to experience Bali Ubud water rafting provide by

One of the sights you must experience is Best rafting in Bali. You can spend many days exploring the area. Keep checking for information about cool rafting in Bali with the finest experiences for rafting in Ubud on our website,, where we have collected a guide for the Best river rafting Bali ubub, including which river to choose Telaga Waja or Ayung River. Bali

Best Bali Ubub River Rafting Tour

White water rafting is possible on Bali’s three main rivers. The Telaga Waja River (near Sidemen) and the Ayung River are the most well-known (near Ubud). Both require a half-day tour and are readily reached from Ubud.
The Melangit River is another option, but it is not as well-known as the other two. However, in order to identify the best river rafting in Bali, we chose to go down the Telaga Waja River. You might like to read Experience with Mount Batur Trekking

The Ayung River, however, can be your best option if you also want to attempt the Bali Ubud water rafting adventure. Because the Ayung River in Ubud, Bali, is one of the best rivers for rafting.

The longest white water rafting in Bali is on the Telaga Waja River, where you can travel more than 16 kilometers in 2.5 hours. positioned close to the picturesque village of Sidemen in the eastern region of Bali. It takes about three minutes to walk through lovely rice fields to reach the Telaga Waja river exit site. The exit location is also not far from the river.

The class II to IV rapids on the Telaga Waja River. The Ayung River, on the other hand, is 20 minutes’ drive from Ubud.
This might be a better choice for you if you live in Ubud and have a limited amount of time left on your Bali schedule. Despite being Bali’s biggest river, the Ayung River, the rafting course is barely 10 km long.

Since the rapids are easy class II-III, they are also quieter than Telaga Waja and the time on the water is just over one hour and thirty minutes. But altogether, it appears that the two rivers in Bali water rafting will still provide the ideal experience for Bali Ubud water rafting.

You may see for yourself that the prices for Bali Rafting are reasonable by visiting our website, There, you can find relevant information for your trip to Ubud, Bali, for rafting.

The cost for a thrilling rafting excursion in Bali will be offered at – IDR 200,000/person for 2 People (Private Boat) – 3-6 People (Private Boat) – 7-15 People (Private Boat) Rp. 175,000/person – IDR 175,000/person for groups larger than 15
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