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This is a comprehensive manual to journey to ‘darkish-tourism’ locations worldwide.

Covering over a thousand character places in 114 specific nations.


UPDATE 2 March 2022: just because the Covid pandemic was showing signs and symptoms of easing, and with that desire returning that tourism should ultimately re-emerge, Putin invades Ukraine (consisting of open nuclear threats aimed at the West) and the complete global is grew to become on its head. This epoch-converting improvement now not most effective method immeasurable tragedy for Ukraine, it additionally method the entire united states is for the foreseeable destiny off any tourism radar. Given the consequent isolation of Russia, that u . s .’s off the tourism menu as properly. About 20 chapters of my e book are now hopelessly outdated, and even more entries in this website too. I’ve delivered little replace notes to the most vital ones, but in any other case determined to let them stand as they had been written in the meanwhile. Eventually they’ll should be closely edited or moved to the misplaced locations phase. I’m heartbroken and in depression. My whole mission in terms of dark tourism all of sudden feels insignificant. Where to go from right here is currently indeterminable.


The coronavirus disaster appears to be slowly losing its grip on society and journey restrictions are progressively being lifted, although not but anywhere. Some regulations will possibly preserve to continue to be in region for an indeterminable time. And that also affects this website.

Please note that the huge majority the texts on this website online had been written earlier than the outbreak of the pandemic. I wouldn’t have any chance of preserving up with trends anywhere and have all vacation spot chapters in this internet site up to date. So I decided to allow all of them stand as they’re, as though not anything has changed. But of course readers have to test with the applicable locations for any remaining restrictions or modified beginning instances earlier than heading there. 

Hopefully this website can fulfil its predominant function as a tour manual resource nicely soon. In the meantime you may use it for “armchair tavel”. 




This web site targets to promote and additionally rehabilitate dark tourism (DT). There has been some negative reporting inside the media approximately DT, regularly on the premise of an unwell understood idea of DT and/or together with awful examples that are not without a doubt consultant of darkish tourism. 

So PLEASE NOTE from the begin: darkish tourism, as understood on this web site, does NOT encompass whatever voyeuristic (like ‘slum tourism’), NOR does it encompass ‘warfare tourism’ (travel to modern conflict zones) or different ‘hazard tourism’, NOR ‘ghost hunts’ or some thing ‘paranormal’, NOR struggle re-enactments and such theatrical stuff … See beyond DT!

It moreover distances itself from disrespectful vacationer bahaviour consisting of selfie-taking at websites of tragedy (see additionally moral issues).

What IS endorsed right here is respectful and enlightened touristic engagement with modern-day history, and its darkish sites/facets, in a sober, instructional and non-sensationalist manner.   

—- see project statement for a longer define of what this website online is about —-

There is also a nascent FAQ segment.

If you’re from the MEDIA and now not fully acquainted with the term darkish tourism you could need to begin there. Also test out the separate page giving a greater elaborate answer to the query “is darkish tourism something bad, ill or morally wrong?” (short solution: it is not!).    If you’re intrigued or already keep in mind yourself a dark traveler and want to realize what dark places there are to visit inside the global, and would really like to get targeted records about such places, then move straight to the darkish locations section, which covers the realistic aspect of dark tourism and forms the middle of this website. The alphabetical list on the left takes you immediately to the numerous countries protected here. 

If you are searching out whatever particular, any specific location name or key phrase, then use the quest box inside the pinnacle proper nook above; you could also attempt to move via the index. In addition there’s a thesaurus imparting greater history info and terminological motives.    In the overall darkish tourism phase there may be also greater approximately the educational concept of darkish tourism, how darkish tourism relates to other kinds of tourism, what types and categories of darkish tourism there are and in which its limits lie. Furthermore numerous lists of the high-quality of the exceptional, the darkest, the maximum famous, the most uncommon, and many others., and so forth., are offered as well.    The “logo” at the top of every page of this website is similarly explained right here.    A preferred notice on the pics used on this website is to be found right here.    NOTE: all texts, images, and so forth. in this web site are COPYRIGHTED – i.e. DO NOT STEAL any of them, this is: do not reproduction whatever with out my previous (written) permission!!!  (See the explicit felony notes within the disclaimer and cf. imprint.)    If you like what you are analyzing and seeing, then do experience unfastened to tell others approximately this website – in fact, I urge you to unfold the word!!! I’m dependent on it (see approximately). 

     PLEASE: if you spot any errors, or stylistic glitches, or things you find fault with for anything cause and would like to have it put right, then use the touch info provided. Even the mentioning of the smallest typo might be gratefully obtained and spoke back to.   

UPDATE: Facebook has from sooner or later to the following purged me and deleted the Dark-Tourism web page I had curated on that platform for almost 5 years. It’s all long past and I’ve lost touch to the over 3000 followers I had. Now it is as though I’d in no way existed. No actual causes were ever given nor did any manner of enchantment work. See the total tale right here!  

BUT: the best information is that I’ve in the meantime set up an all new DT Blog of my very own, on my own Web area, out of attain of the ruthless FB censors. Please take a look and subscribe to the Newsletter!

The different true news is that I’ve been able to recreate most of the content material of that purged DT page on FB in archive shape right here in this internet site, i.e. additionally by myself domain and as a result out of attain of any social media Gestapo – that manner you may additionally decide for your self if that content material become sincerely deserving of the maximum virtual death penalty with out trial (I consider you will see that it become no longer).

Note additionally that DT is not on Twitter or Instagram either (and in no way has been)!


nun sind schon wieder drei Monate ins Land gegangen … hattest du meine E-Mail vom 15.9. (siehe unten nochmal in Kopie) denn eigentlich bekommen?

Und nun steht bei Sally und mir schon wieder das nächste Paket an Reisen bevor. Zuerst zu Familienbesuch nach GB – meine Familie kommt im Januar dran. Und dazwischen wieder ein exotisches Abenteuer: Ruanda. Wir bereiten u.s.gerade intensiv auf die ganze Thematik des Völkermords 1994 vor. Puh, das ist aber auch echt heftig. Wir kriegen schon Albträume und müssen vorsichtiger dosieren, become und wie viel wir lesen und an Filmen kucken. Auch auf der Reise selber werden wir die Besuche der ganzen Genozid-Gedenkstätten mit angenehmeren Gegengewichten kontrastieren, additionally vor allem Naturbeobachtungen. Highlight hier natürlich: die berühmten Berggorillas. Sally, die darauf bestanden hat, das wir das (trotz der fiesen Kosten) auch machen, wenn wir schon in dieses Land reisen, ist schon ganz verrückt darauf (zum Geburtstag habe ich ihr u.a. einen Stofftier-Gorilla geschenkt, den sie nun kaum noch loslässt – und statt mir des Nachts ihren Gorilla im Arm hält … na ja, das bedeutet andererseits wohl, dass es ein sehr “erfolgreiches” Geschenk struggle ;-))

Das Gorilla-Trecking wird aber auch kein Spaziergang und unsere sehr mangelhafte Fitness wird schwer geprüft werden – immerhin geht es durch den Nebelwald in dschungeligem Gelände auf 3000 m Meereshöhe oder mehr, wo die Atemluft schon mal dünn wird. Aber wir werden es wohl hoffentlich bewältigen, wenn auch mit viel schnaufen und ächzen.

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