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Mount Batur is located in the Bangli region of the Island of Bali, Indonesia. For years, travelers have been hiking up Mount Batur (a volcano in Bali) to watch sunrise over surrounding volcanoes Mount Agung and Mount Agung and it’s easy to see the reason!

If you can manage to wake up early for your drive up to the mountain, you’ll be treated with an adventurous hike in the dark with an unforgettable sunrise on the summit. This past week I took a hike on the volcano for the first time in my life and didn’t really know what to expect.

In this article I share important things to be aware of before hiking Mount Batur, including what you should bring along and how to prepare.

How difficult is the Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking VOLCANO In Bali?

The first question is, how tough is the hike? This is for many the most important question that needs answer. If you’re a regular exerciser and are able to perform a good amount of cardiovascular fitness, you should not consider the hike excessively difficult.

You will read on most websites, travel channels along with blogs about how it’s not difficult and you can practically run up the hill! This isn’t accurate.

The hike takes about the duration of two hours (for the most part, faster if you need fewer breaks) Remember that you’re at the top of a volcano that has a height of 1,717 meters, or 5,633 feet, above sea level.

Personally I found the hike quite difficult and not the smooth stroll that others have described it. To be honest I don’t engage in too often in the gym and when I am at the gym it’s probably for a leisurely Pilates class!

So when it comes to understanding how difficult the hike is, in the end, you need to look to your own personal fitness level and not somebody other’s. You are in control of your body and will be in a position to know early on if you are going to be able to make the hike hard.

There is no need to be preparing for your race in advance (it’s a 2-hour hike, not running a marathon! ) In as long as you take breaks as you need to I believe that anyone can climb to the top.


The temperature and climate will differ from night to the next . Also, the weather shifts throughout the hike. I recommend taking comfortable leggings or shorts. This is what that you usually wear to exercise.



things you must be aware of prior to hiking Mount Batur

Mount Batur is located at the Bangli region on Bali’s island. Bali, Indonesia. Since the beginning of time, tourists have been hiking to the top of Mount Batur (a volcano in Bali) to view at the dawn as it rises over nearby volcanoes Mount Agung and Mount Agung It’s easy to understand why!

If you can manage to wake up early for your drive up to the summit, you’ll be treated with an adventurous trek in the dark, with an amazing sunrise at the top. Just last week I went on a hike up the volcano for the first time and did not know what I was going to experience.

In this article , I discuss the 6 things you should know prior to your hike on Mount Batur, including what to bring and how to prepare.


First things first, how difficult is the climb? For most that will be the foremost question that needs answering. If you’re normally active and you have a good level of cardio, you shouldn’t discover the hike to be too challenging.

Hiking to the Top of Mount Batur in Bali, Indonesia

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There are many forums, travel advice channels or blogs that the process is easy to get through it! But that’s not true.

The hike is about 2 hours (for most, quicker if you need fewer breaks) and remember you are on the top of a mountain, which has a height of 1,717 meters, or 5,633 ft, higher than the sea level.

For me personally I found the hike pretty difficult , not the easy walk as others described it. To be fair I don’t do very often in the gym and when I are at the gym, it’s probably to take a relaxing Pilates class!

So when it comes to knowing how difficult the Mount BATUR SUNRISE TREKKING will be, truthfully, you should look to your own personal fitness level and not anyone else’s. Your body is the best judge and you will be aware early on whether you’re going to have a difficult time. challenging.

It’s not necessary to train in advance (it’s just a 2-hour hike not a marathon! ), and as long as you’re taking breaks when you’re needed I think anyone can get to the top.

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2.) WHAT SHOULD I wear to hike the VOLCANO

The temperature and weather will be different from one night to the next . It is also subject to change throughout the hike. I recommend to wear comfy pants or shorts. This is what that you usually wear to exercise.

The most essential factor to wear is athletic shoes, or walking shoes! I watched many women in silly-looking shoes slip when they tried to climb up the final part of the hike . The rocks and gravel are loose.

Wear a hoodie or sweater to keep warm during the hike. It is likely to be near the start and the summit. Throughout the hike, you will probably remove the outer layers.

I would also recommend bringing a waterproof jacket in particular if you are hiking in the wet season or around it because you could get rained on!

WHAT SHOULD YOU BRING to the top of Batur

You should carry a small bag and carry your waterproof equipment, extra water and some snacks. I would also recommend purchasing the headlamp prior to your trip.

You’re given a flashlight from your guide, but using a small headlamp helped make the trek easier, especially towards the end , when you’ll have your hands free for climbing up the hill.

Your guide could provide a few smaller water sources for you however, I think you should have more along with your own. When you reach the summit, your guide will have some food items, maybe some basic boiled eggs.

If you anticipate being hungry you should bring biscuits or sandwiches. We brought these with us however we decided to eat only until we stopped for food on our return trip to Seminyak.


Bringing cameras is essential! I currently use my Nikon D850 as well as an Sigma Art Lens However, any high-quality DSLR will work to capture the sunrise.

The sunrise from the summit of Mount Batur is truly stunning so make sure to bring along the cameras you have, Gopros as well as phones, or what else you like to use for photography.

If you’re not an expert, I’d suggest you leave the tripod behind. While you can get an awesome time-lapse shot It’s quite crowded at the top and getting it up there could be a nightmare.

If you are really looking for the use of a tripod, then I would suggest using a smaller , more flexible tripod rather than a big one. But , I strongly suggest you lay down your camera and simply enjoy the moment as the sun sets after taking one or two photos!

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